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Faith Moment Reflection

In today’s reading, we find Elijah exhausted by his   journey into the desert. He is ready to give up when an angel encourages him to regain his strength by eating and drinking some food and water that God had provided. At times, we all act a bit like Elijah on our  journey in life. We feel discouraged and  defeated by the trials we encounter — a problem at work, difficulties in our family, or simply the day-to-day challenges. Like Elijah, we can regain our strength by turning to God for the nourishment we need. Through our prayers and quiet reflection, He will provide answers and guidance. And like the angel, we can encourage others to turn to God for strength. God never stops loving us and is    always there to help us re-charge.

Today’s Faith Moment was provided by Christ the King Seminary.  You can listen to Faith Moments at www.faithmomentsonline.org or WBEN radio 930 AM, and WLOF 101.7 FM.