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Come on Friday, August 10th, at 7 pm to Father Cotter Hall to see the movie “Paul the Apostle”. This is a very true to life movie on the early Christians. It takes place with    St. Paul imprisoned 30 years after he walked 10,000 miles evangelizing and spreading the good news of Jesus’ resurrection and His truth. It is a witness of the strength of faith of His Early Church. It also shows the relationship and bond of friendship between St. Paul and St. Luke.

Please feel free to bring any refreshments you would like to enjoy. It is not a popcorn kind of movie but afterwards gathering for a social is always welcomed and encouraged. Please spread the word. All welcome but at least 13 years old recommended, due to some very difficult subject matter.

If you could RSVP for set up purposes, that would be great. But please do not stay home if you forget to RSVP, we can always make room! Please call 834-4282 to respond.