R.C.I.A. Corner


During these troubling times in the Church, it might seem a difficult task to “spread the good news,” to bring seekers into the Church founded by Christ – but has anything really changed? Have there been changes in the fundamental  teachings that have been handed down for over 2,000 years? Has God ceased to call us to holiness? Is the Divine Presence of Jesus – body, blood, soul and divinity, no longer the gift of love so amazingly bestowed? Were not the keys given to Peter, the rock, and has the promise of Christ that the Church will prevail not been borne out as truth throughout Her history, as witnessed in the lives of Her sinners as well as Her saints?

Scandal has shaken the faith of many people, but this is the time in our Church when it is our duty to become more holy, more faithful, when we should strive to come even closer to God so as to feel His embrace – this may be the example witnessed by the seeker,  the example of consistency that never has and never will change.

Submitted by Marguerite Mullins