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Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study

Topic:  Free Will

Saturday July 7, 2017

Guest Speaker:  Deacon Don Weigel

July 4th is Independence Day.  This is not only a reminder of our country’s independence, but that God loves us so much, He gives us free will to choose our own path.  Have you ever wondered: What is free will?  Why does God permit us free will?  How does free will work?  What are the consequences of choosing our will vs. God’s will?  Why does God tolerate those who misuse their free will to harm others?  Come join us as Deacon Don Weigel answers these questions and teaches us about free will.  Mass at 8:00 AM, Full Breakfast at 8:40 AM, Guest Speaker at 9:15 AM, Optional Bible Study at 10:15 AM.

Free gift for everyone in attendance.  Please RSVP to 716-834-4282 or so we can prepare enough food.

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