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RCIA Corner


The language of RCIA may, at times, sound a little complicated. If we, as a community, are to be the   support, the inspiration and the example of what it means to be Catholic, becoming familiar with the age old terms used during this process should not be sound complicated or confusing, but a familiar part of our heritage. The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults in the minds of most is understood as a teaching process, the method used to impart the teachings of the Church. It is certainly that, but so much more. The RCIA was never meant to be segregated or separated from the community, but to be integrated into it. The goal is not to be a graduate, but a lifelong disciple. The faithful teach much more than the “team;” how the community lives and acts, responds and welcomes teaches as    important a “lesson” as the many weeks of doctrinal instruction. Does the Catechumen, the unbaptized seeker, or the Candidate, the baptized inquirer, actually witness the reality of living the Gospel message? If we want the seeker to BE the Body of Christ, they must be trained by those who ARE the Body of Christ.