RCIA Corner


“Therefore the community must always be fully prepared in the pursuit of it’s apostolic vocation to give help to those who are searching for Christ.” (RCIA 9)

When we hear the word “vocation” we often think of priests, brothers and sisters as having vocations, we may also think of our state in life as married or single as a vocation, and so they are, however, in addition to our own unique vocations, every Christian has a  common vocation, that of “apostle.”

An apostle is a “messenger,” one who spreads the message of Christ in word and deed. All of us who are baptized have a share in this vocation, and the gifts given at baptism, if open to them, provide the “spiritual energy” for announcing the good news and providing help to seekers. The primary role in this  mission belongs to the entire parish community.

We recently celebrated the Feast of Pentecost, the birth of the Church and acceptance of the gifts bestowed by the Holy Spirit to the first Apostles. Gifts given on that day are still given to each of us through our Baptism and then strengthened in Confirmation. We may be called upon throughout our daily lives to exhibit wisdom and understanding, or to counsel someone, to encourage someone to have  fortitude when facing a situation, to share our knowledge of the kingdom, to be a model of piety or appear to be awed by the presence of God all around us. The development and display of these gifts may just be what might prompt a seeker to search for these gifts for him or her self.