News, Pastor's Note

Pastor’s E-Note May 20, 2018

This Sunday, the Church celebrates the Solemnity of
Pentecost, which marks the end of the liturgical Easter
Season. The Holy Spirit is actively present in the Church,
including in every Christian’s daily life, guiding us to all truth
and the fullness of the Kingdom of God.

The Catholic Charities Drive continues through June.
Our parish is still about $9,000 short of its goal of $34,100. If
you have already contributed to Catholic Charities this year,
thank you. If not yet, I encourage you to do so soon. Please
show “0507 Bl. Sacr. Tonawanda” on your check to assure
our parish gets the credit. Thank you for your generous

There are still photography session openings left on the
new additional dates of May 25th and 26th for the Parish
Photo Directory. Over 200 families have already signed up
to have had their photos taken. Please consider being part
of this historical booklet as we begin commemorating our
parish’s 90th anniversary starting this fall. More information
is on page 5.

We are seeking more parishioners to join the ministry
of Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion
(Eucharistic Ministers) at our parish. Those who feel
called are asked to contact Sr. Lucette for more details
and information about training session dates.

Recently we installed a completely new sound system
in our church. Four special hearing impaired headphones
will be available at each Mass upon request. This project
was possible thanks to the generous parishioner
contributions to the Upon This Rock Drive and a separate
generous memorial donation from one of our parishioners.
Thank you for any ongoing feedback regarding the sound
quality, as it will help us to tweak it.

I will be away on a group pilgrimage to all the Divine
Mercy sites in Poland and Lithuania through June 4th. I will
be praying for all parishioners at our group daily Masses.

I encourage all to join the beautiful, faith inspiring Annual
Corpus Christi Sunday Procession on June 3rd at Corpus
Christi Church in Buffalo. This year it will be led by Bishop
Edward Grosz starting at 1:15 pm at St. Stanislaus Church,
123 Townsend St. in Buffalo. The procession will stop for
prayer at four outdoor altars and culminating with Mass at
2:30 pm at Corpus Christi Church, 199 Clark St., Buffalo. A
light reception will follow. This is a rain or shine event;
participants are encouraged to dress appropriately. Visit for more details.

Fr. Matt