R.C.I.A. Corner


In our last article, we quoted a statement by Fr. Tony Chiera from the Catholic Initiative Network   saying, “The initiation process is a journey with others, there has to be someone holding us when we go through this.”

RCIA has had a blessed presence in our parish for well over 20 years, and in that time we have witnessed many “seekers” desiring full communion with the Catholic Church and who are willing to make the   journey leading to the fulfillment of their desire. Many of these journeys have been supported by friends and family members willing to offer strength and support along the way. Mothers with their children, husbands and wives with their spouses and good friends, all who have experienced the joy of witnessing how the celebration of the Sacraments and teachings of the Church have changed the lives of those they love. We are thrilled to share some of these life changing stories with the rest of our parish family in the hope that they may inspire feelings of gratitude for the gifts we have been given through our own membership in the faith established by Jesus Christ, and remind us that these gifts are meant to be share with all nations.

      The first of these memorable stories highlights Chris and Tiffany Shadden; Tiffany was the “seeker” in this case and was supported by her then fiancé Chris, who never missed a session, sitting alongside Tiffany each week, and who, along with Chris’ family and the RCIA team was given the opportunity to share their knowledge and the joy of their own  faith journeys. Since Tiffany’s initiation into the Church, they have married, been blessed with a beautiful baby boy and remain faithful and active members of the Blessed Sacrament community. You will recognize Chris and Tiffany, mostly at 9:00 Mass, or at 11:00 if Chris is scheduled to lector; they are the ones with the smiles that come from a light within, and the baby carrier holding one of Jesus’ littlest ones. If you do see them – please say hi and tell them how happy we are that we are all part of the same family!