News, Pastor's Note

Pastor’s E-Note May 13, 2018

This May,  we remember in a special way the Blessed Virgin Mary and all of our mothers.  May Crowning took place last Sunday.  A special Mother’s Day Mass of           Remembrance will be offered for our living and deceased mothers this Sunday and throughout the year.  Special Mother’s Day Remembrance  Memorial blue envelopes can be found at all entrances to the church and at the parish office.  All returned envelopes will be placed by the altar and all mothers listed will be included in special Masses and prayers in the month of May.  The parish outdoor shrine with the renovated statue of Our Lady of Fatima on Chelsea Street will be open daily through May and this season.

The Catholic Charities Drive continues this season.  If you have already contributed to Catholic Charities this year, thank you.  If not yet, I encourage you to do so soon.  Please show “0507 Bl. Sacr. Tonawanda” on your check to assure our parish gets the credit.  Thank you for your generous  support to help us reach the parish goal of $34,100.

There are still photography session openings left on the new additional dates of May 25th and 26th for the Parish Photo  Directory.  A great number of families have already signed up and have had their photos taken.  Please consider being part of this historical booklet as we begin commemorating our parish’s 90th anniversary starting this fall.  More information is on page 3.

The last session of Generations of Faith for this season will be next Sunday, May 20th, starting with the 9:00 am Mass, and continue with the catechetical sessions  for      children, teenagers and adults.  We thank all the leaders  and catechists for their faithful ministry.

All who participated in the parish Mission in the past are invited to attend the Mission Reunion 4:00 pm Mass and the following Pot Luck Supper on Saturday, June 9th.  It is       evident to me that many people were formed by the Mission renewal sessions and it shows in the wonderful spirit of love, joy, and volunteer service at our parish.

We are seeking more parishioners to join the ministry of Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Communion (Eucharistic Ministers) at our parish.  Those feeling called are asked to contact Sr. Lucette for more details and information about training session dates.

This past week we installed a completely new sound system in our church.  The acoustics for speaking are much improved now and four special hearing impaired             headphones are available at each Mass upon request.  This project was possible thanks to the generous parishioner  contributions to the Upon This Rock Drive and a separate generous memorial donation from one of our parishioners.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Fr. Matt