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The Journey That Promises Life…(RCIA)


During a Christian Initiation Network gathering in Perth, Australia, the keynote speaker, Fr. Tony Chiera described the RCIA process as a “Journey to the Source.” Continuing to share his insights into the most meaningful aspects of any RCIA journey, Father Tony shared several very important concepts: The first is that the “Initiation process is a journey with others, there has to be someone holding us when we go through this.”

Who are these others? The RCIA team members help guide, support, instruct, share and listen. However, the whole Church community is called to offer much the same. Guiding and supporting, sharing and listening is what we do for each other, at whatever stage we are in our personal and communal journeys. We walk with each other, celebrate with each other, care for each other, and at times we lean on each other. This same support system, which is established and nurtured throughout the stages of the RCIA process, if exhibited by the whole community, helps to accomplish the mission of conversion for the “seekers” as well as provide renewal of our own commitment to “spread the good news.”