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This weeks article on the RCIA is the first in a series taken from a Newsletter published by “TEAMRCIA” which is led by Nick Wagner and his wife Diana Macalintal. Nick and Diana travel the world giving workshops on establishing successful RCIA programs in parishes. This newsletter was published after an “amazing month-long journey through much of Australia,” from which they brought back meaningful insights into “a journey that promises life” as well as an excitement to share their moving experience.

Much of what was shared in the Newsletter was taken from a talk given by Father Tony Chiera, the keynote speaker at a Christian Initiation gathering in Perth, Australia. Father Tony’s theme was “Journey to the Source,” in which he reminded the participants that Pope Francis tells us that we have a duty to proclaim Jesus to others and to draw them into this journey we are all on.

“Catholics are often nervous when someone tells them they have a duty to evangelize. However, as    Father Tony pointed out, ‘the first way we evangelize is by the way we appear.’ Pope Francis says we should appear as people who: “Share joy, point to the horizon and draw others to the banquet. What draws people to us is how we look on the road, and who we  are  becoming on the way.” Father Tony went on to say that when a “seeker” is drawn to us, we seem almost surprised and not sure what to do. He said, …… “the first thing we should do is kneel down!”


Next week – more of Father Tony’s wisdom