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                                           "A Weekly Bulletin Note From the Pastor"
   This Sunday the Catholic Church celebrates the Solemnity of Corpus Christi or the Most Holy Body and Blood of our Lord to strengthen our faith in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. We will hold a simple Eucharistic procession inside of the church following the 9:00 am Mass. All are invited to join the largest outdoor Eucharistic procession in our diocese presided over by Bishop Malone starting this Sunday at 1:30 pm from St. Stan's Church in Buffalo ending at Corpus Christi Church in the Broadway Market area.

     Last Sunday "Commitment Weekend" has really propelled our parish towards reaching our Upon This Rock campaign goal. As of this writing, we are now only about 5% or $33,000 short in pledges with a real prospect of getting to 100% by next weekend. If you already returned the commitment pledge, thank you. If not yet, we need your help now by making a sacrificial 5-year pledge gift or a substantial one time gift at whatever level is appropriate. Next Sunday we will hold the second and last Commitment Weekend, where all parishioners who did not participate yet will be invited to do so. May our Lord reward you abundantly for your generous gift.

     We already held two sessions of the chair exercises for seniors. We will be hosting the third and last class of this pilot program this Tuesday, June 20 at 11:00 - 12:00 noon in the Parish Center. The initial classes were extremely well received by the participants. All are invited, non-parishioners are welcomed. No equipment or experience needed. Certified, experienced, educated and enthusiastic instructor Ramona Reinke leads the exercises. To pre-register and for more information call our parish office at 834-4282.

     I will be away Monday through Friday of this week on an annual priestís spiritual retreat. I promise to pray for everyone, celebrate a Mass for all BSC parishioners, and I ask for your prayers. We are grateful to Msgr. Leo McCarthy who will celebrate all the weekday Masses.

     Fr. Matt